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About Us

We here at “Supplement Me, Please!” are an online supplement store dedicated to provided you, the customer, with healthy minerals and nutrients that your body may not get with your normal diet. We are based in Cincinnati, OH and are strictly an online supplier. With the changing way of life for most people we realize that not everyone has time to stop at a health food store and shop for healthy vitamins and minerals like before, so we deliver them to you instead. Rather than just offer basic mineral supplements that help with normal body functions we instead offer supplements geared towards more specific health issues, especially those health issues that are plaguing large quantities of people today.

Supplements are essentially “fortified foods”, which are foods that have nutrients added to them they don’t already naturally have, and they are intended to improve nutrition. A healthy lifestyle filled with nutrient-rich foods is the most optimal, but for most people this isn’t always an option, especially with the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us live these days. New farming techniques can also take away from some of the nutritional value of many of the foods we eat, and that can be rather challenging for the human body to process and replace. We here at “Supplement Me, Please!” simply aim to fill that void and replenish your body with the nutrients and minerals you might be missing out on due to these factors.

Our supplements are not intended to replace nutrient-rich foods or diets; they are intended to add to the existing diet. Most health professionals recommend a diet rich in foods that provide significant mineral nutrition so that the body functions as it is supposed to, while adding supplements to aid in the process. The suppliers we work with are all registered by the Federal Department of Agriculture as being in compliance with the most strict and thorough guidelines established to date, so there are no questionable homemade products being sold to you.

Once you have taken the supplement formulas we offer there’s no need to take any other. So let us be your #1 supplement provider and get back to being the healthiest person you can be!